Seattle Shutters in Bournemouth

I am delighted with RDJ Shutters. I was a bit nervous about parting with so much money – but – Richard has fitted them with attention to tiny detail. This is a Bed & Breakfast, so everything has to be ‘just right’. My guests are pleased to have such stylish window coverings.

Comments that they have made are: Oooooh! That’s posh! Wow! They look wondeful – where did you get them? It has certainly kept the sun out when I wanted to sleep. It feels quieter and warmer in here since the shutters arrived. The room looks bigger and brighter. It really is so nice to be able to let in light and/or air and still have privacy. No more laundry costs for curtains either – just a quick dust with a feather whatsit!

Thank you Richard for such excellent work. Your ‘Young Lad’ did a great job with the vacuum cleaner! Thank you! I didn’t have to clean up. Wonderful.