Frequently Asked Questions

After placing my order, how long will it take for my shutters to arrive?
Following order confirmation/receipt of deposit, shutters will take approximately 6-8 weeks to be manufactured and be ready for installation. If you are doing your own fitting, the shutters will then be sent directly to you at a time to suit your convenience. If you are having the shutters fitted by our own installers, we will call you on receipt of the shutters in our offices to arrange a convenient time for the installation to take place.

Can the delivery time be speeded up?
In short yes, but this will incur additional costs. Our shutters are made overseas within 48 hours of receipt of order confirmation, however they then have to be shipped back to the UK. It’s the shipping that takes the time. In order to speed up the process we can have your shutters air freighted. There is a minimum charge of £300/m² + VAT or £60/m² + VAT if the order size exceeds 5m².

How much light do shutters block out when closed and are they suitable for bedrooms?
Our shutter panels are rebated which minimises light entering the room where the panels meet. Furthermore, the use of frames also reduces the amount of light filtering through. That said, shutters will not give 100% ‘blackout’ due to the tolerances required for slat movement and the opening and closing of panels. Should ‘blackout’ be important to you, i.e., in a bedroom, it would be worth considered a solid panel. All said, in our opinion shutters are more than a match for either curtains or blinds when it comes to blocking out light.

What louvre/slat size should I choose?
Choosing a louvre/slat size is largely down to personal preference, however there are one or two points to consider when making your decision. If you want to maximise the amount of light entering your room and your view, then the larger the slat, the more light that enters and the more you can see. Conversely, this will also increase the extent to which people can see in and thus reduce your privacy. Generally, the larger slats tend to suit large windows and overall the most popular sizes are the 47mm and 64mm.

How do I clean my shutters?
Unlike curtains, which hold odours and need washing thoroughly from time to time, shutters are relatively low maintenance. Generally, they only require dusting. They can also be wiped over using a damp, soft cloth (water only). It’s not advisable (or necessary) to clean with heavy detergents or furniture polishes.

My window looks too wide to support the weight of shutters. Is there a solution?
Don’t worry we can overcome this. For very wide window or door openings where the number of panels hinged to the frame exceeds what is recommended, we can install a track system along which the shutters run and the weight is distributed. The track system looks very discreet and does not detract from the quality of finish or look.

What if my windows are not square?
Windows are rarely, if ever, square. When your windows are measured for shutters, we allow for a small tolerance gap between the frame and the wall. This allows the frame to be levelled in to the recess and the shutters to be installed ‘square’.

How do I pay for my shutters?
If you are intending to measure and install the shutters yourself, we require payment in full before we place the order. If you opt for the in-house measure and fit, we require a 50% deposit prior to the order being placed and then the remaining 50% is payable after the installation has been completed. We accept either cash or cheque.

Can I have a shutter that is half louvred and half solid?
Yes you can. You decide on the height of each section and just let us know.

Can I order a sample?
Yes. Please contact us to order a colour sample (Contact Us). We can also provide sample panels (price on application). This is refundable should you subsequently decide to order and the sample is returned.

How many shutter panels should I have in my window opening?
There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It’s just a case of what looks right. Our panels are manufactured in sizes ranging from 200mm up to 550mm. The width of your opening will generally dictate the number of panels and this in turn will allow you to calculate a panel width. What you want to achieve is symmetry in how your shutters look, therefore an even number of panels give the best effect, this said, do not be put off if you can not avoid having an odd number of panels – it will certainly not detract from the overall look. For example, in a window with two panels, you would have one panel hinged to open left and the other hinged to open right, or, a window with four panels, two would open left and the other two opening right. If you are having an in-house measure and fit service this is something we will discuss with you at the time of survey. If you are doing your own measuring and fitting, please feel free to call us and we will ensure you order what’s right for your particular window.

I have a query that is not covered by your website. What should I do?
Please contact us (Contact Us). We are here to help, regardless of how trivial something may seem

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